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As we move into 2018, we look at the current real estate lending forecast. Casey Siggins, of Franklin Street Capital Advisors, joins us this episode to discuss the lending market outlook and your debt and equity options.

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Even with focused investment goals, it can be tough to leverage your portfolio and scale your investing on your own. Forming strategic partnerships with other investors and real estate professionals can help you realize your goals more quickly!

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Every investor needs to take steps to ensure equitable access to their property. Keeping ADA compliant ensures that everyone has access to your property's facilities and mitigates any potential risk for punitive damage claims.

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Author, mentor, investor - Bryan Chavis cut his teeth in the world of multifamily and he's got a lot to show for it. This episode, Bryan talks about how, through education, he has been able to leverage his real estate knowledge into new investment opportunities and find success as a multifamily investor.

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Multifamily and rental unit investors love using 1031 Exchanges to leverage short-term tax deferrals into new investments. However, if you're transitioning into single tenant, net lease investments, you need to think about long-term strategies.

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Augie Byllott has learned a thing or two since starting on his investment journey over 20 years' ago. One of the first - and hardest - lessons he learned was how to properly manage his single-family rental portfolio. This episode, Augie shares how proper education taught him to manage his investment rentals as a business.

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Sometimes, a real estate investor's journey isn't just metaphorical - in the case of our guests this episode, it can be a physical one too! Lucas LeBlanc and Jenna Diermann are two investors whose vision brought them all the way from California to Florida. Starting with DIY single family flips they found an interesting niche through social media and developed actionable strategies to transition from single family to vacation rentals and multifamily.

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Investor, author and mentor, Rod Khleif, joins us for a special live event: The new year is a time for new resolutions and for many real estate investors, that means setting investment goals. Like many new year's resolutions, it may seem hard to put investing goals into perspective. That's what makes Rod such a great guest! Rod's wealth of experience and enthusiasm for real estate make him a great resource for investors looking for new paths and opportunities in 2018.

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With generational shifts pushing rental markets upward and outward, multifamily investors are thinking about how to continue scaling investments. Our guest this week, Joseph Gozlan talks about the investment potential of secondary markets and shares tips on building successful strategies.

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Assisted living facility investor and operator, Kris Chana discusses how this often over-looked asset class can be a great alternative to traditional multifamily investing!

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