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Handling residential properties and tenants can be tricky. Listen to how one professional apartment investor and manager deals with 10 important issues. Property Management can be a tricky task!


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Mike Conlon is a trained lawyer and entrepreneur. He got his start in financial services, selling that business and parlaying it in to a successful real estate business. He has invested in single family and multifamily properties. His focus, currently, is on mobile home parks around the Southeastern part of the USA. In this episode, he will talk about how he got in to the mobile home park business and how investors can make a $100k per year off of a 100 unit park.  

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Steven McCraney is the President & CEO of McCraney Property Company, one of the most active developers for industrial property in the State of Florida. Steven is based out of West Palm Beach, but is increasingly turning his attention to the i4 Corridor between Tampa and Orlando. Find out why Steven is bullish on the area and what makes him a successful developer.  

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Brian Burke is the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Praxis Capital, a leading real estate private equity investment firm. He manages a portfolio of single family and multifamily properties around the country. He is a regular guest on real estate shows, such as FOX News' "The Best of Investing."

Brian will share his experience in raising money in the Family Office Market.

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