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Albert Berriz is a Co-Managing member and CEO of McKinley, an Ann Arbor Michigan-based real estate investment firm. Albert shares with our listeners why Central Florida is important to his overall business strategy and talks about the Florida real estate investment climate.

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Karma Senge is a multifamily apartment investor based out of Orlando Florida. His story is one of getting started, getting knocked down and then coming back to fight another day. He is a testament to persistence and hard work make for a successful real estate investor.

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Brian Bandell from the South Florida Business Journal joins us to discuss the red hot S Florida market. From development, to transit to rent increases on multifamily....we discuss it here!

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You should always consult an attorney when transacting real estate. The risks are high. If an "I" is not dotted or a "T" is not crossed, the consequences can be steep. But, attorneys by nature are extremely risk adverse. And that can put fear in a clients causing them to unnecessarily walk away from solid deals over relatively minor issues. Where is the balance? Atty Rob Gidel joins us to talk about how to communicate with your attorney and walk through deals to the most logical and sound business decision.

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Ken McElroy wrote the book on real estate investing....literally. Or...should we say books? Ken is the author of the best selling books The ABC's of Real Estate Investing, The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing and The ABC's of Property Management. He is also a contributor for The Real Book of Real Estate. The idea behind Ken's fourth book, The Sleeping Giant, is to help inspire people to believe that they can be part of solving the world's economic problems by creating business - which in turn create financial freedom, job growth and reduces the reliance on other sources.

Ken is also an adviser to Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. He owns over 10,000 doors of multifamily properties in States across the US.

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