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You just had a casualty on one of your investment properties. You call your insurance company to file a claim and not long after you get the feeling things are not being handled the way you believe they should be handled after faithfully paying insurance premiums for years or even decades. Don't be surprised that the insurance company stonewalls you and tries to negotiate down the claim, making you feel like you are being left somewhat less than whole.

Private insurance adjuster Ray Altieri, III talks about methods to properly control what you are rightfully owed.

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Joellyn Robles, is a Licensed Title Agent with Hillsoborough Title. One mistake on title could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Joellyn joins us today to talk about 5 areas where she sees the most issues...some will be areas of fraud you might not have considered.

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Investor, Family Office Manager, & Educator....Richard Wilson has become a "go-to" sources for real estate investors looking for funding on their deals or partners in their funds. Check out how this little know group of real estate investors engage.

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Garrett Kenny migrated to Florida decades ago to buy a home in Orlando. He so liked the area, he packed his bags, moved from Ireland and started in buying and selling Florida Property. Now he controls a large housing construction business catering to the foreign national real estate market. Garrett spends time with us to talk about the Central Florida market...what is working ...what isn't.

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