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Commercial broker and real estate investor shares her top five creative strategies for filling retail centers.

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Brian Bailey is a Senior Technical Expert at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. A commercial real estate expert, Brian monitors emerging trends in commercial real estate - both on a national scale and within the southeast. This episode Brian shares his outlook on Florida's commercial real estate industry and offers comparisons on a national scale.

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Special announcement for Invest Florida Show listeners and Tampa Bay investors.

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This episode, we have Government Affairs Director of the Florida Apartment Association, Courtney Barnard. Courtney joins us each year to provide an annual legislative update affecting residential multifamily investors. This episode she shares the legislative news for 2017 and what investors should expect to see in 2018.

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Tyler Sheff, real estate investor and host of popular real estate talk show The Cash Flow Guys, joins us to discuss how buying notes and investing in debt can be a great alternative investment strategy.

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Developer, author and speaker, John McNellis, joins us to offer a development outlook for retail and multifamily.

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Ken Rosen is a best selling author on real estate and a veteran of the Miami real estate market. Based in Miami, With over 40 years of experience in real estate investing across the US, Ken was a pioneer of condo conversion and now will buy any type of asset class from Multifamily to Office. This episode, Ken shares his market outlook as well as buying strategies that can help you make the right investment decision.

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Automation is a rapidly growing tech sector. Things like automated transit are already making their way into U.S. cities. This episode, we look at how automation is changing the way we think about real estate and what urban planners and developers are doing to address these changes.

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Architect Alex Rios has worked with multifamily, office and commercial designs. This episode, Alex shares some hot design trends that can add more value to your investment property.

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For our next live event, we are discussing the landlord/tenant relationship - covering everything from issues with evictions to fair housing. Meet our guests: Jason Ellison is a real estate attorney specializing in contract preparation and dispute resolution. Josh Diggs is a veteran multifamily investor and property manager. He is well versed in tenant/landlord relationships

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