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Sometimes, a real estate investor's journey isn't just metaphorical - in the case of our guests this episode, it can be a physical one too! Lucas LeBlanc and Jenna Diermann are two investors whose vision brought them all the way from California to Florida. Starting with DIY single family flips they found an interesting niche through social media and developed actionable strategies to transition from single family to vacation rentals and multifamily.

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Investor, author and mentor, Rod Khleif, joins us for a special live event: The new year is a time for new resolutions and for many real estate investors, that means setting investment goals. Like many new year's resolutions, it may seem hard to put investing goals into perspective. That's what makes Rod such a great guest! Rod's wealth of experience and enthusiasm for real estate make him a great resource for investors looking for new paths and opportunities in 2018.

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