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Handling residential properties and tenants can be tricky. Listen to how one professional apartment investor and manager deals with 10 important issues. Property Management can be a tricky task!


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Mike Conlon is a trained lawyer and entrepreneur. He got his start in financial services, selling that business and parlaying it in to a successful real estate business. He has invested in single family and multifamily properties. His focus, currently, is on mobile home parks around the Southeastern part of the USA. In this episode, he will talk about how he got in to the mobile home park business and how investors can make a $100k per year off of a 100 unit park.  

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Steven McCraney is the President & CEO of McCraney Property Company, one of the most active developers for industrial property in the State of Florida. Steven is based out of West Palm Beach, but is increasingly turning his attention to the i4 Corridor between Tampa and Orlando. Find out why Steven is bullish on the area and what makes him a successful developer.  

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Brian Burke is the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Praxis Capital, a leading real estate private equity investment firm. He manages a portfolio of single family and multifamily properties around the country. He is a regular guest on real estate shows, such as FOX News' "The Best of Investing."

Brian will share his experience in raising money in the Family Office Market.

Show notes and complete podcast 

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Dr Carl Hudson is the Director of the Center for Real Estate Analytics at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. The Center informs decision making by identifying and analyzing the systemic impacts real estate has on the economy, financial institutions and consumers. Dr Hudson joins us to talk about the Florida markets...what are the hot spots? Where are we from a historic perspective, in terms of asset pricing and market absorption.  

Complete notes and podcast - Click here!

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Steve Berges literally wrote the book on apartment investing. "The Complete Guide to Buying and Selling Apartment Buildings" and the "Complete Guide to Real Estate for Investment Properties" were both penned by Steve and he has spent his career buying and overseeing multifamily assets. Steve talks about his experience in hiring property managers, managing his managers and proving a few tricks of the trade.  

Text and notes on Steve Berges' Podcast "Tips on Selecting a Property Manager."

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Florida Apartment Association, Government Affairs Director, Courtney Barnard, joins the Invest Florida Show to talk current regulatory matters. She covers the 4 items important to all apartment owners in the State of Florida...proposed changes to the laws and court decisions that could send ripples through the apartment landlord community.  

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Reis is one of the nation's most trusted providers of commercial real estate market data, research and analytics. Reis covers 275 metros and 6,800 market segments across Apartment, Office, Retail, Industrial and Self Storage.

Senior Economist and Director of Research at Reis Ryan Severino joins Eric and Steven as guest to talk about the Florida market...what's hot...what's not.  

Florida Real Estate Market Forecast

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Hoyt Prindle of the Florida Business Development Corporation talks about Small Business Administration loans for investment real estate. Most real estate investors overlook this type of financing, because, frankly, it is not qualifying use of debt...BUT, the financing source can be excellent for mini-warehouses, hotels, golf courses...OR, the professional or retail user who decides to have some attached rental space on the current space in which they own and run their business/practice. The terms can make a deal VERY attractive. Listen to Hoyt who tells us what programs work best.  

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Greg Bugay has given up his corporate gig to manage start and manage his vacation rental business. Our interview covers:

* How he started
* What does he expect to earn per unit
* What is it like dealing with AirBnB
* Why vacation rentals are a solid strategy for real estate investment.
* What is life like for an Vacation rental owner

Greg runs a Meetup group for vacation rental hosts. Please email Greg for information on how to join. Their first meeting is Aug 15, 2015

Things You Should KNow About Growing a Vacation Rental Business

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