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EP 7 - Accidental Landlord Turned Serious Investor

Darren Wilson was an accidental investor.  He did not start out to be a serious investor in single family properties, but once he got the taste of it, he didn’t look back.  In the early part of his career, he was in the technology business, but now is an investor full time for himself and Kennedy Investments. Now Darren owns and controls not only single family homes, but also a large office complex, which he purchased as a value added investment.  They are completely upgrading the property known as Lincoln Gardens on Waters Avenue in Tampa.. Learn how he leverages other revenue streams to move in to owning over 40 properties.  

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Ep 6 - Sale-Leaseback from a Seller and Investor Perspective

Sale-Leasebacks can be a win-win situation for Investors and Sellers.  Find out the basics from what type of sellers should consider and what can investors expect and look out for when taking advantage of these opportunities.

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EP5 Dan Pepper - 5 Pitfalls of Conducting Due Diligence on Real Estate

Dan Pepper is a young guy with a lot of experience.  He is a value added real estate investor. While he has invested in many different asset classes, his focus is on multifamily dwellings.  He is going to share with us his 5 biggest pitfalls of conducting reviews of investment properties.  

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Ep 4 -  5 Ways Sellers Fail to Realize Maximum Sale Price of Their Properties

Host Steven Silverman talks about the most common mistakes investors make that prevents them from maximizing the price for which they can sell their investment property.  

EP 3 - Five Most Common Issues that Cause Bad Results in Dealing with Environmental Issues on Real Estate

Renowned environmental attorney, Frank Hearne, of the law firm of Mechanik, Nuccio, Hearne & Wester brings his decades of experience to the Invest Florida Show to discuss the most common mistakes he sees investors make in dealing with environmental issues.  There will also be some nuggets on how you can recognize value in buying real estate with environmental issues.

Ep2 Listing a Commercial Real Estate Property - It Is Not Like Residential


Hosts Steven Silverman and Eric Odum discuss the differences in listing services in commercial real estate. #Loopnet #MLS #Catalyst #Costar

Ep1 Welcome to Invest Florida Plus Top 5 Items You Need to Know to Win a Real Estate Negotiation

After a short introduction to the program, Host Eric Odum welcomes Mike Walker, of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute to talk about the top 5 things everyone should know to be successful in negotiating a real estate deal. Mike is a Senior Instructor at the Institute and brings over a decade of deal making experience to the table.

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