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John Galane from Mountain West IRA discusses how to hold real estate inside of your retirement accounts. Those looking for cash flow and greater control of their retirement assets might consider self-directed plans.  

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EP 21 - How to Properly Insure Your Investment Property

Mike Buice at L&M Insurance discusses how to avoid gaps in coverage on your investment properties.  Insurance for investment real estate varies from insuring your personal residence.

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Ep 20 - What is a Section 1031 Exchange, What Are the Proposed Changes to the Law and How Will the Changes Affect You?

1031 exchanges allow investors to sell their properties and defer the taxes on capital gains by purchasing another property.  The genesis of this rule goes back to the agrarian US society, in which Congress did not want farmers making decisions to delay acquiring more or better property because they did not have the cash to pay the capital gains.  It later became the standard for most business assets (Trains, Planes and Manufacturing Equipment, for example).  The Government WANTS people to invest more, because with further investment comes more opportunity for tax revenues.  

Unfortunately, with the current budget crisis and Congress looking to raise additional funds to reduce the deficit, Section 1031 exchanges have come under fire.  But, the changes will not come without broad economic consequences.

Michael Brady, Corporate Counsel for Riverside 1031 discusses proposed changes in the law as well as the basics in how to transact a 1031 exchange.  

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EP 19 Larry Feldman -  Office Investor Moves BIG in to the Florida Market

Larry Feldman is a career real estate investor from a family of real estate investors and developers.  Originally from New York, he has owned off and on in various Florida markets over the years.  Recently, he made a big move in to the Tampa market, acquiring two large signature properties in Tampa and St Petersburg.  Find out how Larry does it....What he likes about investing in the Florida markets and his unique value proposition that makes his business model work.  

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EP 18 - Where to Begin: A Few Points on How to Start Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be a terrific method of accumulating wealth. But, where do you start?  What asset class is best for you?  To whom or where can you turn to put you on the path to success?  In this episode, we discuss some tools you might use to put you on the path to getting started in real estate investment.  

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Ep 17 - Chris Urso: How One Investor Segued from Single Family Homes to Multi-Family Investing

Christopher Urso began his investing career at 21 years old with the acquisition of his first investment property in Paterson, NJ. His real estate investment company, URS Capital Partners, now controls over $50,000,000 of multifamily assets throughout the Midwest and Southeast United States.

In addition to actively managing URS Capital Partners, Christopher is passionate about helping individual investors achieve their personal goals through apartment investing.


Christopher has been invited to speak on stages nationwide and he has been featured in Co-Star, Yahoo Finance and Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine. Chris discusses the power of multifamily investing.

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Ep 16 - Is Jacksonville a City for Millennials?

Tim Becker discusses the Jacksonville real estate market.  What it does well….areas it needs to improve.  The topic of making the city friendly to young professionals is covered extensively.  This is the 4th of 4 in our series with Tim, the Director of the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate at the University of Florida.

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EP 15 - Michael Becker: How One Investor Acquired 9 Apartment Complexes with Great Mortgages in Only 18 MONTHS!

Michael Becker is a career lender, first for a large national bank and later with Old Capital Lending in Texas.  Michael used his experience as a banker to acquire over 1600 units in less than 18 months with superior agency debt.  Michael talks about the advantage of agency mortgages, how to acquire agency debt and also so some tricks of the trade in purchasing a shocking number of complexes in a surprisingly short to manage the to find the deals. Multifamily Real Estate Investing.

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EP 14 - Tampa Real Estate Market: a Florida Economic Enigma?

The Tampa Market marches to the beat of its own drum.  While the beach communities follow the State’s tourist market, Hillsborough and Polk Counties have a solid industrial and transit base.. Tampa International Airport is the largest in the area and Ports Manatee and Tampa are significant players in the bulk and container maritime markets.  Tampa, however, was slow to emerge from the real estate downturn and has had a history of surges followed by uneven growth.  Tim Becker, Director of the Bergstrom Center at the University of Florida, talks about the economic base in Tampa and what the future holds for the Tampa market for 2015 and beyond.

Tim Becker, Director, Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies, is our special guest for this third of a four part series of the State of Florida’s major real estate markets, in preparation for the Center’s Trends and Strategies Conference February 26-27 in Orlando, Fl.


If you are an active or aspiring real estate investor in the Florida markets, you will definitely want to catch all four parts of the series.

Commercial Property Management


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Ep 13 - Wondering When to Start Investing in Real Estate?

Tony Muniz is one of Tampa’s most successful real estate investors.  At the ripe old age of 18, he bought his first house, not long after buying his first car.  Tony has owned hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate over the years and currently owns a large portfolio of single family homes and retail centers. If you are interested in what makes a successful real estate entrepreneur tick, you will not want to miss this interview.  Tony manages to balance personal family life and business, as well as giving back to the community, serving as the Chairman of the Tampa Sports Authority.

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