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Chris Coleman of the Coleman Insurance Agency discusses the recent changes in Flood insurance. Chris is a repeat guest on the show. As of April 1, flood insurance policy holders could see premiums between 15 and 18% higher and up to 25% if it is not their primary residence. Investors are once AGAIN being forced to amend their budgets for the increases.  

More Flood Insurance Changes You Should Know About!

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The Invest Florida Show is all about education. This week, we want you to educate us. Please let us know what part of the show works for you and what type of guests would be meaningful to you in growing your real estate business!

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Gavin Welch is a real estate investor, an agent and an educator. He comes from a real estate family and over the years has developed some systems to find deals that are not listed. Less competition for a deal means better opportunities for making profit. Listen to hear how he does it!

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Collaborative attorney Joryn Jenkins discusses methods for investors to mitigate costs of divorce. Real estate investors are particularly vulnerable because of the illiquid nature of the asset. 

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Kevin Bupp got his start investing in single family homes in Pennsylvania. Looking for a form of investing he could scale, he ventured in to Mobile Home Park investing. Kevin considers himself a long term investor and has found park investing to be a solid method of building cash flow.

Find out a few points on what to look for and why Kevin likes mobile home parks over other residential asset classes.

Mobile Home Investing 

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Joel Block of Bullseye Capital and founder of the National Association of Syndicators joins the Invest Florida Show for the 2nd of 2 part series. Big changes have occurred in Crowdfunding. In the last week of March 2015, the SEC announced the new set of rules implementing Title IV of the JOBS Act. These changes affect Regulation A small public offerings, and are referred to as "Reg A+" Joel is with us to tell us what this means.  

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We had a chance to talk with Jason Ansel, attorney with Altro Levy in Toronto and Nick Podetz, Manager of Cross Border Banking with TD Bank, to discuss how Canadians can acquire real estate in the US.

We cover:

* How to acquire a mortgage;
* What markets in Florida are hot;
* What phases are the asset classes;
* What are the factors you should consider from a tax standpoint;
* Best practices for titling real estate

For our Canadian listeners, this is one show you will not want to miss!

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You are a successful real estate investor. You have purchased multiple properties over your investing career, but want to acquire larger assets. How do you acquire the funds? What is the process? What are the rules?

Joel G. Block is CEO of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC and founder of the National Association of Syndicators. Joel is a professional investor who has been a principal in dozens of real estate syndications. Syndicating real estate is the method investment firms use to pool larger sums of capital to acquire larger assets.

Listen to the basics from Joel Block.

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Dan Feinman started out investing in single family homes in the worst market of a lifetime. But, the downturn didn't hurt him. It made him stronger and gave him the courage to try out new opportunities.  

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John Galane from Mountain West IRA discusses how to hold real estate inside of your retirement accounts. Those looking for cash flow and greater control of their retirement assets might consider self-directed plans.  

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