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Apr 27, 2015

Joel Block of Bullseye Capital and founder of the National Association of Syndicators joins the Invest Florida Show for the 2nd of 2 part series. Big changes have occurred in Crowdfunding. In the last week of March 2015, the SEC announced the new set of rules implementing Title IV of the JOBS Act. These changes...

Apr 20, 2015

We had a chance to talk with Jason Ansel, attorney with Altro Levy in Toronto and Nick Podetz, Manager of Cross Border Banking with TD Bank, to discuss how Canadians can acquire real estate in the US.

We cover:

* How to acquire a mortgage;
* What markets in Florida are hot;
* What phases are the asset classes;
* What...

Apr 13, 2015

You are a successful real estate investor. You have purchased multiple properties over your investing career, but want to acquire larger assets. How do you acquire the funds? What is the process? What are the rules?

Joel G. Block is CEO of the Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund, LLC and founder of the...

Apr 6, 2015

Dan Feinman started out investing in single family homes in the worst market of a lifetime. But, the downturn didn't hurt him. It made him stronger and gave him the courage to try out new...