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Aug 1, 2022

Investing in Properties of Crime Scenes and the Deceased
Today we talk with Laura Spaulding, founder of Spaulding Decon, which is a full service restoration company for crime scenes, death, and accidents. Laura takes it a step further by investing in these properties.
Key Discussion Points
[01:03] Introduction by Eric...

Jul 18, 2022

The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser comes on the show to discuss the inner workings of valuation. While the discussion is specific to Hillsborough County, the laws are applied across the State in a similar fashion. We cover how assessors arrive at their valuations, some of the rights property owners have and what...

Jul 4, 2022

Ember Erickson: Biproxi, Changing the Way Commercial Real Estate Is Marketed
Ember joins us today to discuss a new platform to the CRE has been compared to Tinder for Commercial Real Estate Investors and Brokers. Find out how they might help make the acquisition and disposition of commercial assets...

May 9, 2022

Avery Jordan: Update on the Tampa Multi-family Market
Avery Jordan gives us an update on the apartment / multifamily market in Tampa and central Florida with discussions on how the Fed rate hikes will affect the market over the next couple of years and why he thinks the multifamily market and the market in general...

Apr 11, 2022

Jeremy Kloter, founder of Out Fast Property Management in Tampa, FL, gives us a window in to the Tampa Bay residential investment market.

Key Discussion Points
[01:01] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[02:54] About our guest: Jeremy Kloter
[04:46] How are you surviving in the market now, and what is your...