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Oct 7, 2019

How to Deal with Real Estate Brokers
Eric Odum reveals the key action items to take on how to get a broker’s attention and move to the top of their list. Often-times, when buyers want access and communication with a broker, the broker seems to have a lack of responsiveness. However, from a broker's perspective, he/she is trying to weed out the unqualified buyers so they can work with those investors who they think can transact and close deals. Keep in mind, brokers only get paid when the deal gets done, so they don't want to spend their time working with investors whom they would need to educate or who are not ready or qualified.

Here are a just few steps investors can take to prove to the broker they are capable of being one of those people who can transact and close deals:

  • Be focused and specific in what type of investment(s) you are looking for
  • Show them the deals you've looked at, and why you think it is a good deal or a bad deal (it shows the broker your underwriting process in terms of how you make a decision or don't make a decision)
  • Prove you have your financing lined up

Join us for this episode to learn about these and other helpful action items you can take when working with a broker.

Key Discussion Points with Eric Odum
[03:53] Introduction to dealing with brokers
[05:48] Reasons for a lack of broker responsiveness
[08:29] Key action items you should take to end up on the top of the broker's list
[21:32] Summary of working with a broker