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May 4, 2020

Today we talk with Beth Azor, founder and principal of Azor Advisory Services, as she shares her current experience with managing her properties, tenants, and banking relationships during this COVID crisis. Beth is facing the same fears and frustrations and many others in commercial real estate. What if I don't get the rent? Maybe I can pay this month's mortgage payment but what happens next month? 
Beth gives unique insight as a person that is involved in all areas of commercial real estate. Retail, landlord, broker, property manager, and she's able to provide a deep perspective on what the various people inside the industry are going through right now and how they're coping and dealing with it.
Key Discussion Points
[01:00] Opening remarks by Eric Odum
[04:10] About our guest: Beth Azor
[05:02] Give us an overview of your properties
[06:05] How are you dealing with your tenants right now?
[22:57] Are any of your tenants reacting in a very negative way?
[26:35] Why don't think National deals are coming back until 2022?
[33:09] How are you dealing with the banks?
[45:54] How can folks find you and connect with you?
[51:03] Eric's Closing Remarks