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Jun 1, 2020

On today's podcast Eric Odum and Steven Silerman give their thoughts and analysis on the Commercial Real Estate market during this COVID19 pandemic. They cover each asset class from retail and office to residential / multifamily to Industrial and everything in between. 
While COVID19 has put the breaks on a lot of real estate activity, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. People are social by nature, and are ingenious. Business models are evolving and changing with the times to stay competitive. As Eric Odum stated during the podcast, "Don't bet against people being people."
Key Discussion Points
[01:01] Opening remarks by Eric and Steven
[04:11] Retail Asset Class
[08:58] Restaurants are getting bludgeoned due to COVID-19
[11:13] Office Asset Class - Current and future changes to the Office environment
[18:08] Residential & Multifamily Asset Class
[22:07] Industrial Asset Class
[25:07] Storage
[27:53] Student Housing & Education
[30:46] Hospitality Services (Hotels)
[31:59] When is there going to be a buying opportunity?
[36:10] Summary remarks by Eric & Steven