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Aug 10, 2020

Today we talk with Jeremy Kloter, owner of Out Fast Property Management, about how the market is looking currently, how it will evolve over the next several months, and what the market will look like post COVID19. Eric thinks that after the evictions and foreclosures start hitting the market again, we will see a short flattening of the price curve, and then there will be a pricing bubble as the market heats up over the next 18 months. As Eric says, "You can't dump trillions of dollars into the economy and have it not affect real asset values."
We also discuss property prices, property management, fix-and-flips, and funds.
Key Discussion Points
[01:01] Opening remarks by Eric Odum
[02:19] About our guest: Jeremy Kloter
[03:29] Tell us about your background and how you got into real estate
[05:38] What are you seeing in the market, and how has it changed since COVID?
[08:06] Are you seeing prices of properties getting bid up very quickly?
[09:56] How do you see the market evolving the next several months and after COVID?
[15:03] From the property management side, are tenants - paying rent? struggling to pay rent? or taking advantage and not paying?
[18:16] Tell us about your "fix-and-flips" / "buy-and-hold" deals and how you're structured
[22:03] Tell us about your fund and how you arrived at your process for raising capital
[24:40] How can folks get in touch with you?
[34:27] Closing comments by Eric