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Sep 21, 2020

If you are interested in turning your investment property into a successful short-term vacation rental, then this episode is for you. Today we hear from J-Ryan Steward & Jared Higginbotham of Teal Door Hosting about about the short-term rental market as well as how they can work with you using their full scale management service. Note that this episode is a recording of a recent Meetup attended by our podcast host, Eric Odum.
Short term rental is a relatively new market segment within the last 10 years or so. During this current market saturation reset, J-Ryan and Jarrod expect the next 2-3 years to have really good high profits for short-term rentals.
Key Discussion Points
[00:59] Opening remarks by Eric Odum
[03:52] About our guests: J-Ryan Stewart & Jared Higginbotham
[04:57] Tell us about your Full Scale Managmement service to turn investement properties into successful short terms rentals
[08:05] Discussion about Good and Bad Business Models for short term rentals
[14:54] Do you help with the marketing when managing a property?
[25:37] What things about vacation rentals that are chaning that keep you up at night?
[30:00] What property characteristics make better investments for short term rentals?
[31:46] What about Association or neighbor objections?
[38:40] Discussion about current short-term rental rates during COVID-19
[53:27] Do you do paid consultations outside your management area?
[57:55] Concluding comments