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Sep 20, 2021

It can be difficult to get a decent rate of return in the current Florida market, and more and more investors are looking outside Florida to find deals in other states. Today we talk with Lindsay Davis, CEO of Spartan Invest", about investment opportunities in Alabama. Lindsay's investment services allow investors who live outside Alabama to purchase single family homes in Alabama, get the benefit of the low property taxes, and get a great overall rate of return on their investment.
We also discuss the dramatic rise in construction costs over the last year, how it is affecting the building of new homes, and when this might stabilize and return to "normal".
Key Discussion Points
[01:06] Opening remarks by Eric Odum & Steven Silverman
[06:23]] About our guest: Lindsay Davis
[08:16] Tell us about your "one stop shop" real estate investment services catering to out of state investors
[09:44] What rate of return are you achieving in Alabama?
[12:13] What's are you seeing going on in the construction market?
[15:12] Why are construction costs so high right now?
[18:21] Talk about the hesitancy of homebuilders to build new homes
[19:41] Where is the demand coming from in Alabama?
[21:55] Where do your investors come from?
[22:57] How is the real estate appreciation in Alabama?
[24:44] What opportunities do you see going forward? What do you see happening with construction pricing?
[26:33] How can folks contact you?
[27:17] Closing comments by Eric & Steven