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Dec 13, 2021

Al Williamson, an engineer by trade, has found a way to capitalize on the extended stay rental market. Somewhere, between AIRBNB and traditional long term rentals, extended stay lodging can be a terrific way to juice your returns. Florida is a hot spot for this type of need in housing and with the infrastructure bill targeting multiple industries in the State, the demand will only increase for potential tenants....military to road contractors to health care workers. Listen to how Al captures, manages and profits from this market.

Key Discussion Points
[01:05] Opening remarks by Eric Odum & Steven Silverman
[04:14] About our guest: Al Williamson
[05:29] How did you get into real estate? And why?
[07:02] How did you migrate your business from duplexes to extended stay properties?
[10:36] What's different about your extended stay properties compared to an Air BnB?
[14:21] How are you marketing your extended stay service?
[17:04] If you are just starting in this busienss, how do you know who to approach to get in front of them?
[19:15] Are you seeing much opposition to extended stay rentals from the locals like there is for Air Bnb's?
[21:50] What is your ideal property to use as an extended stay rental?
[23:38] How are you looking for deals?
[27:08] How can folks reach you?
[27:45] Any final thoughts for people wanting to get into the extended stay rental market?
[28:47] Closing comments by Eric & Steven

About Our Guest

Al Williamson is the owner of Leading Landlord ( Al is a professional engineer, full time real estate investor, and the author of several real estate books. Al is a proud family man, and spends his days managing his corporate housing company and helping others reach their financial goals in extended stay rentals.