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Jan 20, 2022

John Roberts and Stephen Barber are a duo of multiple, real estate investment and development. There is no question that they are plugged into the Panhandle region of Florida. Listen to this update on what is happening in their neck of the woods!
Key Discussion Points
[01:11] About our guests: John Roberts & Stephen Barber
[01:49] How did you both get into real estate in the Florida Panhandle?
[08:50] What is driving the economy in the Florida Panhandle?
[11:01]  What is the background on what John'sportfolio looks like?
[16:31] As you've progressed and built up your portfolio, where do you see the growth happening now withi the Panhandle?
[18:15] Discussion about the Panhandle and Spring Break
[19:45] What distinguishes the Panhandle from the rest of Florida with regard to real estate market?
[21:51] In what sectors within the Florida Panhandle do you see the best investments opportunities?
[30:16] How can folks reach you?
[31:37] How are you faring economically from the affect of recent hurricanes?
About Our Guests
Both John Roberts and Stephen Barber are attorneys in the law office of John W. Roberts. John graduated from the University of Miami, and his work is primarily in litigation; he's also a real estate investor. Stephen graduated from the law school of Florida State University, and he works in diverse areas of real estate.