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Feb 14, 2022

Gregg talks about the Jacksonville market and his firm's strategy to make investment acquisitions easy for investors looking for cash flowing deals.
Key Discussion Points
[03:33] About our guest: Gregg Cohen
[04:35] How did you get started in real estate? And where are you originally from?
[06:24] Tell us about your company, JWD Real Estate Capital. What differentiates your company?
[10:11]  What do the range of numbers look like for someone to invest in this turnkey investment solution?
[13:27] Do you use any preferred lenders? What are the debt packages looking like right now?
[14:59] What's your high level view of the Jacksonville economy? And where do you see it headed?
[17:10] What neighborhoods do you like in Jacksonville?
[18:27] Where do you see the Jacksonville market heading?
[22:49] How does it work if someone wants to invest with you?
[24:29] How can folks reach you?
About Our Guest
Gregg Cohen created JWD Real Estate Capital, a vertically integrated real estate investment company, dedicated to making real estate investing easy for clients. Gregg just doesn't want to own a successful business, he wants to change people's lives.
Phone: 904-677-6777
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