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Mar 14, 2022

Ana is a wealth of information about the South Florida market. We welcome her back on the show to discuss the big factors that are moving the South Florida market and why there is no reason to see much deviation from the recent trends in the near term.
Key Discussion Points
[03:11] About our guest: Ana Bozovic
[05:00] Give us an overview of what you thought would happen in the market back in the beginning days of COVID vs what actually happened
[08:02] Talk about how the effects of COVID changed how we work
[10:13] Effeccts of COVID on migration of Central/South America to Florida
[14:50] Are you seeing significant numbers of cash deals compared to debt in South Florida?
[15:45] Talk about inflation with higher gas prices, war in Europe, etc.. and what you see coming
[18:51] What have you seen with pricing in residential South Florida
[19:58] What about the increasing home pricing and sales in South Florida. Might there be a pull-back soon?
[22:25] What do you see happening to the retail sector in South Florida now that the cloud of COVID is clearing?
[25:17] Share more about your comment of a shift occuring - like the shift in flocus of South Florida emerging as a new capitol
[27:02] Any last thoughts and/or insights?
[28:20] How can folks reach you?
[28:56] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Ana Bozovic is the founder and owner of Analytics Miami. For the past 3 years she has been publishing long term trend analysis on the Miami real estate market. The analytic Miami reports are outcome agnostic – they are not paid for by any brokerage, and their intent is to bring truth to the market. The reports draw upon her abilities to see past the noise and recognize patterns in data. Ana studied math and physics at Columbia university.