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Apr 25, 2022

It's always great to catch up with our friend Adrian. He has come a long way and we are proud of him. Since we last talked, he has written a book...started and investment program and travels the country talking about investing in mobile homes. We hope you take the time to listen to Adrian's update on the market...negotiating skills and marketing ideas.

Key Discussion Points
[01:02] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[05:39] About our guest: Adrian Smude
[08:00] How did you overcome your fear of public speaking?
[11:16] Tell us about the book you just wrote on Mobile Home Investing: How to Buy Mobile Homes
[15:17] Give us an overview of the mobile home market the last 2 years
[16:20] How are you finding new opportunities? Are you partnering with people
[19:30] What kind of yields are you seeing for mobile home investors right now?
[21:30] How easy or difficult is it to find new tenants?
[23:09] What do you do for marketing?
[30:14] How long are the leases you typically sign?
[30:57] Are you allowed to depreciate your mobile home assets?
[32:36] How do you ensure you find your ideal tenants?
[41:08] How can folks reach you?
[41:44] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Adrian has been investing in real estate for 15 years, starting out as a hobby landlord. Only knowing what the banks told him, he followed that path for 10 years. 
It was then that he discovered his passion for real estate through meetings, like the Invest Florida Meetup. As the market shifted, so did Adrian's strategies for investing, leading him to mobile homes. This has now been his investment target for the last few years. 
AdrIan and his wife Erin are a husband and wife team, and they founded "My Wife Buy$" to help people sell their mobile home fast and make the process as simple as possible.
Adrian was a previous guest on episode 175.