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May 9, 2022

Avery Jordan: Update on the Tampa Multi-family Market
Avery Jordan gives us an update on the apartment / multifamily market in Tampa and central Florida with discussions on how the Fed rate hikes will affect the market over the next couple of years and why he thinks the multifamily market and the market in general will continue to do well. 

Key Discussion Points
[01:07] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[04:32] About our guest: Avery Jordan
[05:51] How did you get intro brokerage of apartment buildings in the area?
[08:07] Give us your perspective on the multifamily market over the last 6 years
[10:39] How is the Fed's rate hike affecting the debt side?
[12:53] What is SOFR (Secured Overnight Funds Rate) and it's significance?
[14:53] What are the conversations you've been having around timing of putting things on the market?
[17:27] Who are some of the larger bridge lender players in the area of financing?
[19:04] Renters are now paying close to 50% of take-home pay - is this sustainable?
[21:00] Do you also deal in the development market?
[23:23] Steven's and Avery's persepctive on why the multifamily market has done so well
[26:31] How have you seen underwriting change over the last few years
[31:40] From your conversations and polls, what is keeping investors awake at night?
[33:15] How can folks reach you?
[33:39] Closing comments by Eric & Steven

About Our Guest
Avery Jordan is a senior director for Franklin Street. He's a broker specializing in multi-family properties in central Florida and across Tampa Bay. 
Avery was born and raised in Tampa, and he enjoys extensive relationships with apartment owners locally and throughout Florida. He has boots on the ground, and perfectly positioned to give us a feel of whats going on in the apartment market. 
Avery went to the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor's in Business Administration. 
Phone (direct line): 813-577-3826