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Jul 4, 2022

Ember Erickson: Biproxi, Changing the Way Commercial Real Estate Is Marketed
Ember joins us today to discuss a new platform to the CRE has been compared to Tinder for Commercial Real Estate Investors and Brokers. Find out how they might help make the acquisition and disposition of commercial assets more efficient (yes, that includes multifamily)
Key Discussion Points
[01:07] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[06:18] About our guest: Ember Erickson
[07:06] What's your background and how did you get into commercial real estate marketing?
[10:12] Talk about Biproxi's place in this market, and what your team is trying to do
[12:54] Tell us about your revenue model
[13:54] How can Biproxi get around the issue of "just being another system"
[17:08] On your platform, are you targeting particular types of assets? or any assets?
[22:40] How are you handling "off market" or "pocket" listing?
[27:23] Is it even possible to get that data from other sources?
[29:15] Do you think technology will eventually replace real estate brokers?
[37:06] How do you vet potential investors?
[43:10] How can folks reach you?
[44:16] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
With over a decade of marketing, sales & business development experience, Ember brings a fresh perspective on CRE to the Biproxi leadership team. Ember is a veteran software marketer, serving as the Head of Marketing & Business Development for learning management software Wisetail, which was acquired by Alchemy Systems in 2017 and again by Intertek (ITRK.L) in 2018. Prior to Biproxi, she served as the Director of Demand Generation for advertising intelligence platform, LumenAd.

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