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Jul 18, 2022

The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser comes on the show to discuss the inner workings of valuation. While the discussion is specific to Hillsborough County, the laws are applied across the State in a similar fashion. We cover how assessors arrive at their valuations, some of the rights property owners have and what you can do to contest a valuation if you don't agree.
Key Discussion Points
[01:04] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[04:19] About our guest: Bob Henriquez
[06:32] Give us an overview of what's happening in the market related to property values
[07:55] What is your process for doing property assessments?
[11:56] Explain the difference on property tax bills of "assessed value" vs "market value"
[17:36] With cap rates so low, and commercial property values rising, does that translate into proportionately higher taxes?
[20:34] Explain about the "save or homes" cap and what happens to the cap when there's a new owner
[25:56] Talk about property tax assessments that are non-owner occupied
[30:04] Are you having discussions with municipalities about how rising interest rates might affect the real estate market in the area?
[34:20] How can folks reach out to the property appraiser if they want more info?
[38:18] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Bob "Coach" Henriquez is the Hillsborough County property appraiser, elected in 2012. Bob is the 5th generation born in Tampa, and his great grandfather, Enrique, was the last mayor of West Tampa. Bob has served the community in all kinds of capacities. He's known as coach because of his help in coaching teams and he's done all types of community outreach and help programs. 

Phone:813- 276-6100