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Oct 17, 2022

Talking Hotels and AirBnB
Cherif has a unique background. He started in hotel management and learned running hotels from one of the best in the business. While he has invested in many real estate asset classes, his forte is hotels. He operates and owns deals across the country and teaches investors how to earn double digit returns and navigate the waters of this asset class that few investors seem to understand.
Key Discussion Points
[01:11] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[08:43] About our guest: Cherif Medawar
[09:50] How did you get started in the real estate investing business?
[17:06] Tell us about the complexities with investing in hotels, and how you make money
[21:27] What are the steps and things to look for when investing in commercial property
[27:21] What is considered to be a good return on hotels?
[34:53] How does syndication work with hotel investing
[41:19] How is AirBnB affecting the hotel industry?
[43:12] Tell us about your residential developments in North Port, FL
[46:40] What size hotels makes it profitable?
[47:48] Who manages the operations of a hotel that size?
[51:27] How can people reach you?
[52:26] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Cherif Medawar is an investor, a real estate fund manager and an educator. Cherif is bi-coastal. He started a fund in 2009 and is focused on luxury homes in the San Francisco Bay area. With over $100 million in assets under management, he's also the largest owner of commercial historic properties in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since 2004.
And he is active with his office in Florida. Cherif has authored some best selling commercial real estate investment books and continues to share his methods and programs through his education company. He has produced over 2000 video trainings and success stories.