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Oct 31, 2022

Chris Kaiser, Sona Energy, joins us today to talk about how to save costs at your commercial property by implementing green energy solutions.

Key Discussion Points
[01:03] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[04:28] About our guest: Chris Kaiser
[05:35] Give us an overview of the clean energy solutions you are involved in now
[06:55] How did you get involved with Sona? (a clean energy solutions company)
[11:17] What are the economic benefits of clean energy for commercial properties?
[16:56] Tell us about your experience with Retail / Grocery Stores regarding "green" lighting (LED lighting)
[17:48] If LED is the "low hanging fruit" for green energy, what's the next level? HVAC?
[21:23] Are renewables effective for investors to bring down costs?
[28:14] What tax incentives are there for investors / tentents for green lighting, HVAC, and EV charging?
[31:36] With commercial real estate, who makes or loses money on the "free" EV charging stations?
[36:02] How can people reach you?
[38:37] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Chris Kaiser is a partner at Sona Energy, a provider of turnkey clean energy projects and solutions for multi-site commercial spaces for property owners and tenants. Chris has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech.