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May 8, 2023

Eric & Steven Return from an Involuntary Leave of Absence and Talk the Florida Market
Good to be back! Eric Odum and Steven Silverman took an involuntary break for a few weeks while Eric healed. They return to discuss what happened...and what is going on in the Florida market since they have been away.
Key Discussion Points
[01:11] Introduction by Eric & Steven (discussion about Eric's accident / why they've been away for 2 months)
[04:00] Recap of what's been going on in the market (banks collapsing, etc)
[07:50] Why Florida is more insulated from economic issues relative to other parts of the country
[10:33] Discussion about the residential market
[13:54] Discussion about the commercial side
[14:52] What's been going on in the Office Market?
[20:58] Cap rates
[23:49] What does the future hold?
[29:43] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Eric and Steven
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