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Jul 10, 2023

Calvin Roberts, besides being an insurance agent, likes to study issues in his industry for fun! Florida property owners are experiencing record insurance increases....the increases are starting to become crippling. We discuss the main issues. They might not be what you think they are....the main issues are actually very manageable. Find out what can be done.
Key Discussion Points
[01:10] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[06:11] About our guest: Calvin Roberts
[07:23] Is the rest of the country (outside Florida) also feeling the pain of increased property insurance?
[09:13] Why is Florida's property insurance so high?
[13:07] Are the attornies and roofing contract companies on contigency basis?
[15:35] What are other states doing that Florida is NOT doing to help mitigate some of the cost to the consumer?
[17:35] What effect did the legislation that was passed have on helping to lower property insurance?
[21:56] Is Florida's Citizens Insurance helping to plug the gap in the insurance costs?
[24:18] What are some other issues Florida should address to make things better for their citizens
[29:11] What are your thoughts on investors pooling their investment properties?
[33:53] How can people reach you?
[34:17] Final thoughts from Calvin
[37:26] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Calvin Roberts is a nationally licensed commercial insurance broker, and the principle of Falcon Insurance Agency of Michigan, a botique insurance brokerage specializing in multifamily, commercial real estates and mergers and acquisitions, pre-acquisition, and insurance guidance. Calvin has been active in the field since he was nineteen years old and built a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He serves real estate investors throughout the united States. Calvin is a trusted resource for creative real estate, risk management, and insurance placement.
Phone: 734-887-9110