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Dec 19, 2022

Finding deals that work in this market can be a real challenge. Rising interest rates have created a gap between CAP rates and borrowing rates. We are like any other investor, trying to find a way to make a return. Our guest, Fred Moskowitz, has been investing in alternative investments for over 15 years. He joins us to talk about opportunities in the private note market and how this asset class might be fit into your portfolio.
Key Discussion Points
[01:06] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[05:39] About our guest: Fred Moskowitz
[06:48] Tell us how you got into Note Investing?
[11:11] Talk about the importantace of diversification to help mitigate risk in a portfolio of notes
[13:08] How do you interact with the investor class?
[14:36] How long are you locked into the investment?
[17:24] How do you source?
[18:14] What kind of yield do you get on investment for notes?
[21:23] Is it viewed as an "upside" if a property falls into foreclosure?
[24:25] Are there states that you prefer over others? Why?
[27:50] When you look at a note, do you go out and try to assess the value of the underlying property?
[30:22] What is a loan servicer with regard to a note?
[36:11] What are some of the note organizations that investors might want to get involved with?
[37:31] Tell us about your book about note investing (available on Amazon)
[37:56] How can people reach you?
[39:34] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Fred Moskowitz is an educator and bestselling author who has trained countless investors from all walks of life on how to create passive income streams of their own. As a fund manager, Fred manages a mortgage note investment fund and is considered an industry veteran within the note investing arena. Fred teaches the concept that individual investors are able to step into the shoes of the lender through note investing and effectively be the bank.
Fred takes pride in collaborating with investors to help them grow and profit in the notes space. As well as being a trusted and valued resource in the area of alternative investments, his new book, titled The Little Green Book of Note Investing, has recently been launched.
mobile: text the word "money" to 215-461-4433 and follow the prompts