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Dec 16, 2019

On today's podcast, we talk with Derek Waltchack about the retail asset class with a focus on strip centers. As Derek shares, there is a lot of misinformation about the retail asset class. Many investors steer clear of retail, especially when retail assets like malls are not doing so well -- but malls are not the real "bread and butter". Despite what you may hear, retail is a very stable asset class, especially when it comes to strip centers in good neighborhoods.
Derek also takes us into the new modern world of blockchain, the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin that is used to store digital information in a public database, and which is starting to be used in real estate transactions.
Key Discussion Points
[06:02] How did you transition from broker to owner?
[10:47] What investments are you looking for in Florida?
[18:44] Why did you choose Florida / I-4 corridor for retail investments?
[25:30] What kind of cap rates are you looking for?
[38:42] Where does your debt financing come from?
[31:01] From an underwriting standpoint, what are a few important things you look for when someone wants to bring you a deal?
[33:43] Tell us about blockchain technology that is starting to be used in real estate
[43:00] How can folks contact you?
[44:43] Closing remarks by Eric and Steven