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Nov 2, 2020

Today we talk with Ana Bozovic, founder of Analytics Miami, about her outlook on the Florida market using her analytical, unbiased, and data-driven approach. The focus for this episode is mainly on the residential market, from condos to single family homes - and we even discuss if climate change & sea level rise is having an affect on the single family home market in Miami Beach and other areas. An interesting take-away is that COVID-19 has accelerated trends that were already in place. Ana's overall conclusion is that Florida will continue to grow and flourish as people continue to come to Florida to live.
Key Discussion Points
[01:05] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman
[04:09] About our guest: Ana Bozovic
[05:14] How did you end up in Miami, and how did you got started in your Analytics business?
[08:48] What do you see happening in the condo market?
[14:15] How is the transaction volume doing in the more affordable housing market?
[18:02] Is Climate Change / sea level rise having an affect on the single family home market in Miami Beach area?
[21:53] Post-COVID, what is the picture looking like for those spending more than 50% on housing?
[24:16] Do you agree with Eric that there will NOT be a sudden buying opportunity / 10%-20% reduction in asset prices
[29:01] Do you think some of the commercial data out there may not be revealing the correct outlook?
[35:40] How can folks get in touch with you?
[38:36] Closing comments by Eric & Steven