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Dec 7, 2020

Today we talk with Lauren A. Cohen, founder of  Lauren is both an attorney and a realtor, and she uses this background to help foreign nationals find and secure U.S. real estate investment opportunities as well as obtain visas. For those foreign nationals looking to use real estate as a vehicle for obtaining a visa in the U.S., there is a way to do it, but you have to do it in the right way and use qualified professionals to help you. Lauren and her team can assist with all aspects of U.S. real estate investments and securing visas.
Key Discussion Points
[01:04] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman
[05:53] About our guest: Lauren A. Cohen
[06:41] How did you get involved in real estate as an attorney and realtor?
[09:09] How can someone become a legal U.S. resident by investing in real estate?
[13:55] Which real estate scenarios are you seeing foreign investors best qualify for an E2 visa
[20:53] Discuss the implications of foreign investors purchasing U.S. real estate
[25:12] From a cash flow standpoint, what does it take to qualify for an E2 visa?
[26:20] Can foreign investors carry debt on real estate investments for an E2?
[27:03] Talk about foreign investors raising equity from friends and family in their home country
[29:23] What are the implications for foreign investors investing in land?
[31:04] Do you clients invest primarily in Florida or in other parts of the U.S.?
[32:32] How do you help your clients find the right real estate investments?
[34:04] What is the difference between the E2 visa and EB-5 visa?
[35:33] How can folks get in touch with you?
[38:16] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
Lauren A. Cohen is founder of and is an international lawyer, realtor, and cross-border expert. Lauren is also a best-selling author and sought-after speaker, and a globally acclaimed legal and real estate business adviser. She has been featured in Inc. magazine, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Working Mother, tv, and many podcast and radio shows. As a lawyer and realtor, Lauren is particularly well suited to guide investors in their cross-border investment pursuits.
Facebook & Linkedin: Lauren A. Cohen