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Feb 22, 2021

Today we get an update on Florida multifamily construction from our guest, Jeff Rosenfeld, Executive Vice President of Adivo Construction. Florida has had a lot of disruption in the last couple years with things such as tariffs and COVID. Recently, Florida has seen a mass influx of new residents looking for multifamily housing, but there is currently a shortage of skilled construction labor. We talk about how this is affecting multifamily construction costs and discuss how some investors are re-purposing various assets such as hostels and commercial loft space into multifamily housing (commonly called adaptive reuse).


Key Discussion Points

[01:07] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman 
[06:08] About our guest: Jeff Rosenfeld
[06:59] Give us an overview of Florida Multifamily market
[10:15] What's been going on with multifamily construction costs in the last few years and since COVID?
[11:53] What's the outlook on multifamily construction costs?
[13:26] With COVID as a disruptor, tell us about adaptive reuse (converting hotels / commercial loft space into multifamily)
[15:05] What areas of Florida are you seeing the most adpative reuse / repurposing of assets into multifamily?
[18:08] Is some of this asset repurposing going towards workforce housing?
[20:22] Tell us about the construction labor force situation in Florida
[25:08] How is construction adapting to low labor force?
[27:45] How would you compare the Florida markets vs the other markets around the country you work in?
[29:47] What types of value-add are you doing to improve your properties?
[35:48] How can folks contact you?

About Our Guest

Jeff Rosenfeld is Executive Vice President and founding partner of Adivo Construction based in Deer Field Beach, Florida.



Toll Free Number: 833-825-2425