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Nov 15, 2021

Martin Saenz runs a fund that invests in distressed mortgages.  He discusses the state of the mortgage market, returns and how he creates win-win deals for investors and homeowners.


Key Discussion Points

[01:04] Opening remarks by Eric Odum & Steven Silverman
[05:04] About our guest: Martin Saenz
[05:57] How did you get started in real estate?
[08:10] What motivated you to move from Washington D.C. to Sarasota, FL?
[09:12] What's your view of the Florida market for the brief time you've been in Sarasota, FL?
[10:38] How did you migrate from real estate investing into working with Notes & getting returns for investors?
[11:40] What types of mortgages are you pursuing?
[13:42] Are your funds leveraged? Or are they 100% equity?
[14:05] What type of yield do investors get from their notes?
[14:40] How are you finding these deals?
[16:52] How would you recommend people setup their own Note business if they want to do this themselves?
[18:26] What are the names of your 3 books?
[19:26] Have you considered commercial loans? Or are you just staying with residential?
[20:41] How do you handle compliance? Outsource? Internal?
[21:51] What's your perspective on the debt market? Are there any signs of weakness?
[23:49] Are you concerned with the recent amount of compression on the returns?
[26:11] On the mortgage side in Florida, do you see anything positive, negative, or interesting factoids?
[27:22] What's on the horizon as Florida deals with tight inventory?
[29:07] How can investors learn more about your fund and possibly invest in it?
[30:44] How can folks reach you?
[31:17] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Martin Saenz is a managing partner at Bequest Funds. Martin has written 3 books on the mortgage industry. He co-founded Bequest Funds with the dual purpose of helping investors grow their wealth, and helping mortgage borrowers stay in their homes. Martin is a seasoned real estate investor with over 15 years of experience.