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May 22, 2023

Dr. Chau Ong joins the Invest Florida show to discuss corporate housing arbitrage. It's not long term rentals and it's not AirBnB. It's a combination of the 2 and his strategy allows you to ramp up cash flow fast, and you don't need the capital you think you do to get involved. Dr Chau is a Vietnamese immigrant and comes from humble beginnings. He has a fascinating story. Check it out!

Key Discussion Points
[01:03] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[05:03] About our guest: Dr. Chau Ong
[06:13] How did you get to where you are today?
[10:03] How does it work to use other people's property?
[10:54] So for a particular property, what would you rent it for, and what would you lease it for?
[13:12] With regard to short and long-term rental, what has been your experience with the market in Florida?
[14:51] What does a typical corporate Florida resident look like for you?
[16:40] How do you find the people who will lease you their home?
[18:43] Where do you get the furniture when renting out the leased properties?
[19:51] How do you deal with neighborhoods who don't want short-term rentals in their neighborhood?
[22:20] Which works best for your business: Single family home? Townhome? Apartment?
[25:55] What type of landlord would want to rent to you?
[27:52] How can people reach you?
[28:59] Motivational story
[38:37] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Dr. Chao Ong is an immigrant from Vietnam. He came to America aspiring to live the American dream. He worked hard for eight years and earned his MBA and doctorate in pharmacy. And he was well on his way to the American dream. And then he discovered the American dream was not what he thought it was going to be.
He was determined to have financial freedom, so he explored a variety of businesses and opportunities. He had an epiphany one day and discovered a method called OPP using Other People's Properties to master lease and sublet it out to companies. And that's how he achieved success. And after just two years in this business, he's been able to achieve time and financial freedom and retire in his early thirties.
Instagram / TikTok: drchaubnb
Facebook: chauong
LinkedIn: Dr Chau Ong