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Aug 29, 2016

Jillian Bandes is a veteran of the commercial construction world. She decided to dip her toe in the small single/multifamily market. It is not as easy as it seems, even for an experienced builder. Find out the twists and turns of her story.

Aug 22, 2016

Bijan Gorji and his wife have taken a unique route to investing, focusing on residential condos..and asset class typically overlooked by residential investors. Learn how the Gorji's earn 9% CAP Rates in the condo market in Sarasota.

Aug 15, 2016

Residential real estate can be as different as night and day from commercial real estate. The laws, rules and potential problem spots can be significantly different. Shawn Yesner is a Florida based real estate attorney. He joins us to talk about things you need to know about buying multifamily, retail or other...

Aug 8, 2016

AnaMaria Palermo and Melissa Meredith talk about using creative methods to filling an apartment building and marketing their properties with social media and multi-tiered top of mind systems. These techniques can be applied to retail and office as well!

Aug 1, 2016

John Fedro is mobile home investor. He began investing in Florida and has expanded across the country. Mobile home investing require relatively small amounts of equity to get started and can be an excellent way to get started in the real estate business. Hear John's story!