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Jun 15, 2020

Today we talk with Albert Auger who shares his story of how he went from broker to developer to investor. Albert is a successful real estate investor who's cash flow allows him to live in Europe while he continues to invest in Florida. His model is "keep it simple" and his strategy is value-add, stay in the property for 3-5 years, stabilize it, then sell it. 
Albert gives some practical advice such as suggesting going out and doing your own research. Don't assume that just because somebody says property is "prime property" that it actually is prime property - ask "why" it is prime property. Also, try to talk to people in person to build good relationships, or at least get on the phone and talk to people and start making connections.
Key Discussion Points
[01:01] Opening remarks by Eric & Steven
[05:32] About our guest: Albert Auger
[06:11] Background on how Albert got started and where he's from originally
[10:45] Tell us about the first property you invested in and what you learned
[17:39] Tell us about your book and why you decided to write it
[22:52] How is it working for you living in Europe but investing in Florida?
[28:42] What is your opinion on recent news of Retail going away and never coming back?
[34:37] Do you have some fixed partners you work with? And are you still looking for partners to network with?
[38:24] How can people contact you or purchase your book?
[39:29] Closing remarks by Eric and Steven