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Jul 27, 2020

Today we talk with Byron Fisher, owner of BT Realty Services in the Tampa Bay area, about his real estate strategies during this COVID19 pandemic. Although Byron only started in real estate in 2012, he has become quite successful in a short amount of time. Byron also gives his advice to new investors on how best to navigate the current real estate market and mistakes to avoid. Also discussed is that we are in somewhat of an artificial market as there really hasn't been much of a change in prices and valuations due to the pushing off of foreclosures and evictions - but it's only a matter of time before this changes.
Key Discussion Points
[01:01] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman
[05:31] About our guest: Byron Fisher
[06:04] How did you get started in real estate?
[12:24] Are you using debt to acquire properties (the ones you are currently holding)?
[13:36] How has COVID19 affected your rental and acquisition business?
[15:54] Tell us about the online auctions you're involved with (, Hubzu, etc)
[19:56] What's your opinion on where you think the market will go and what opportunities might come up?
[21:28] What have you heard about Gov. DeSantis pushing off foreclosures and evictions even later than August 2020?
[24:47] What types of mistakes do you see people making as they build their real estate business?
[25:33] Do you have your own crews that can help fix up real estate properties?
[31:19] What advice can you give to new investors on how best to navigate this real estate market we're in?
[32:19] How can people contact you for opportunities or questions?
[34:27] Closing comments by Eric and Steven