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Oct 19, 2020

Today we talk with Landrum Randolph about property management and the software he created, called RAAMP, to help with property management. Leases can be complex, and property management can be complex because leases are always different. What's interesting about RAAMP is that it's built around the lease, and from that everything else is driven - the accounting, the financial reports, document management, etc... Both Eric Odum and Steven Silverman use RAAMP for their property management needs.
Key Discussion Points
[00:58] Opening remarks by Eric Odum and Steven Silverman
[05:51] About our guest: Landrum Randoph
[06:31] Tell us about the RAAMP property management software you developed, and how you got into the property management business
[08:22] Did you competitors play a role in this niche you tried to fit into?
[09:50] Can your software, RAAMP, deal with types of property that other competitors struggle with?
[10:27] Are there any asset classes that might not be a good fit for RAMMP?
[11:30] What type of property owners is RAMMP best suited for?
[15:00] What are some of the most useful reports RAAMP provides for property managers?
[17:46] Does RAAMP help with document management as well?
[18:54] What upgrades to RAAMP will you be doing within the next year?
[23:29] How can folks get in touch with you?
[24:42] Concluding comments