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Oct 18, 2021

Lauren is in California and her market is very similar to many markets in Florida, very tight and deals tough to come by. She figures out ways to carve out revenue by wholesaling virtually. Find out how!

Key Discussion Points
[01:06] Opening remarks by Eric Odum
[03:12] About our guest: Lauren Hardy
[04:04] How and why did you get into real estate investing?
[07:08] What exactly is real estate wholesaling?
[09:01] How can a virtual real estate investment model benefit investors in Florida?
[12:08] How do you find "hot" zones in Florida with deals being more difficult to find?
[16:46] How do you find assignees for your deals?
[18:52] What are some things do you look for when seeking out new markets?
[26:07] How can folks contact you?
[26:30] Do you have any last words of wisdom for us?
[27:52] Closing comments by Eric