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Nov 29, 2021

Viktor Jiracek followed his brother to Gainesville and turned that experience into a thriving real estate business (Fix and Flips, and long term holds). Viktor updates us on the market and leaves us some great tips on thriving in this most unusual market.
Key Discussion Points
[01:00] Opening remarks by Eric Odum & Steven Silverman
[04:17] About our guest: Viktor Jiracek
[05:12] How did you get started in real estate?
[06:14] Why did you choose Gainesville, FL?
[07:33] Give us an overview of what you are seeing in the Gainesville FL market
[08:37] What are signs you look for to tell you the market is slowing down?
[09:48] Are you still seeing multiple offers on first day of listing? Or has that cooled down a bit?
[11:23] What calculations do you use to determine if something is a good deal?
[14:06] How are you finding your properties?
[17:06] Do you have your own crew for fix and flips?
[17:46] Are you having any problems getting sub-contractors to work with you? What about pricing?
[19:22] What areas in Gainesville do you really like?
[20:15] What's been your best deal? And worst deal?
[24:15] Are your real estate methods applicable to anywhere?
[26:15] What are some mistakes buyers/wholesaler/flippers make when communicating with the seller?
[28:21] How can folks reach you?
[-28:58] Any last words of wisdom?
[31:06] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Viktor Jiracek is a fix and flipper out of Gainesville, FL. He did over 20 flips last year, and has a goal is 30 flips for 2021. Vicktor's passion is flipping houses and teaching others how to do the same. 
Facebook: Viktor Jiracek
Facebook group (free): Six Figure House Flipper