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Aug 28, 2023

Email is NOT dead. With more rules coming out about cold texting, it might be time to revisit how investors source deals. Emailing is not only tried and true, it is also less invasive and professional when prospecting. Adam discusses how to set up...what are the to find and clean data.
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Key Discussion Points
[01:20] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[03:51] About our guest: Adam Rosen
[07:22] Tell us about your data / cold email sequencing system
[10:34] How do you go about gathering your data?
[12:15] Do you use other providers like Seamless AI?
[16:01] How likely is it that your emails actually make it to the intended user?
[22:16] Regarding email, what works and what doesn't?
[26:03] Do you do followups after sending out emails?
[30:05] For the Real Estate investor, how do you build trust through the email?
[36:48] Is your Mastermind still open to people?
[39:45] How can folks reach you?
[40:12] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest: Adam Rosen
Adam Rosen is an entrepreneur with a heart for supporting fellow business owners. Having led a tech startup that was eventually acquired, Adam learned the ropes of the entrepreneurial world hands-on. He led multi-million dollar real estate sellouts and loves to share his experiences through speaking engagements, podcasts and coaching small business owners. His primary focus is on helping startups get more sales appointments through cold calls and his emails outreach company.
Social Media: adamirosen