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Dec 18, 2023

Leveraging Syndication to Do Larger Deals
Jim's family migrated from Taiwan. It's the classic immigrant story, building a great business from ground floor. Learn about his strategies to grow from tenants, toilets and trash to managing a successful syndication company.
Key Discussion Points
[01:07] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[03:19] About our guest: Jim Lee
[04:33] How did you end up doing Syndications?
[07:33] Is the American dream still alive, even for immigrants?
[08:20] How did you get started on your first deal?
[09:52] Tell us about your first Synidcation deals in Florida
[15:33] What were the mechanics of the deal? Cash? Investors? etc...
[18:03] In depth discussion: syndication, waterfalls, preferred return, etc.
[20:33] How did you find your business partner? And why did you start doing business with him?
[23:13] Talk about the underwriting aspect of this deal and the property management.
[25:44] Do you have onsite managers for all your properties? How is maintenance handled?
[28:39] Are there amentities you provide in the units to add value to the renter?
[32:44] Who were you using to put your documents together?
[35:14] How can folks contact you?
[35:42] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Jim is a real estate investor and founder of Formosa Investing. Jim received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics in 2010 from UCLA and started his career as an inside sales rep for Loopnet and CoStar. By winning a $50,000 sales incentive bonus he used that savings to purchase his first two-bedroom one-bath condo and learned the importance of having multiple streams of income.
Now, through real estate syndication, he has invested in over 600 units in the past two years where he has participated as a general partner and a limited partner
Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook: @formosainvesting