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Mar 28, 2022

Circuitous Route to Investing in Jacksonville
Ian is an attorney, a broker, and investor in the Jacksonville market. He credits his success with his roots as a bartender who exited college with a mountain of debt and little hope to dig out of it. Listen to this story about how he worked his way in to a better place by leveraging the Jacksonville market.
Key Discussion Points
[00:56] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[04:00] About our guest: Ian Brown
[05:03] Guide us through your interesting journey from bartender to attorney to real estate investor
[14:12] So even thought you didn't have any big investors, you just jumped right in and went for it?
[17:18] How are you managing your residential real estate assets?
[18:24] So will you be shying away from section 8 housing in the future?
[19:31] What areas in Jacksonville do you like?
[20:05] Have you ventured outside Florida? OIr outside of the Jacksonville area?
[21:08] We've seen dramatic changes lately in Florida. How have you seen the fundamentals change in Jacksonville?
[22:49] What does the future look like for the Jacksonville area?
[25:07] You have a diverse appetite for deals. What are the things you look for in a deal?
[27:00] Tell us about your new podcast, Yield Coach
[29:29] How can folks reach you?
[30:12] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Prior to founding Brown Brothers Realty, Ian Brown was a senior consultant at a commercial real estate firm specializing in valuation and real estate analytics. In addition to being a licensed real estate broker, Ian is also a licensed appraiser. He earned is law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law. Ian is also an investor and owns an apartment complex; he's working on a storage deal, and also converting offices to Airbnb.
Facebook: Ian Brown / Yield Coach
Instagram: Ian Brown / Yield Coach