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Apr 11, 2022

Jeremy Kloter, founder of Out Fast Property Management in Tampa, FL, gives us a window in to the Tampa Bay residential investment market.

Key Discussion Points
[01:01] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[02:54] About our guest: Jeremy Kloter
[04:46] How are you surviving in the market now, and what is your perspective?
[06:49] How are people dealing with this hyper-active market?
[16:33] What CAP rates are you seeing now?
[23:29] How do you see the market evolving, and what should investors be doing?
[37:17] Any last "golden nuggets" you can share on your thoughts about the greater Tampa Bay market?
[39:04] Are you seeing a slowing of heavy cash purchase?
[40:37] How can folks reach you?
[41:24] Closing comments by Eric & Steven

About Our Guest
Jeremy Kloter is a marine corps veteran turned broker. He is the founder of Out Fast Property Management, a Tampa Bay property management company that manages residential and multi-family properties. Jeremy has been an investor since 2013. He has been recognized in the Florida Realtor magazine, and he's a trainer for the Landlord Property Management Academy.

Facebook / LinkedIn: Jeremy Kloter
Cell: 813-610-0015