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Nov 14, 2022

Talking Multifamily in N Florida
Beau is a multifamily broker covering North Florida. He is one of the best known apartment advisors in the State. He gives us a rundown of the market and why investors don't see all the good deals.
Key Discussion Points
[01:15] Introduction by Eric & Steven
[05:41] About our guest: Beau Beery
[06:36] How did you get into the real estate business, and specifically in multifamily?
[10:16] How can people find deals in the multifamily market?
[15:06] What's your advice for newer investors trying to find the right broker like yourself?
[26:03] How do you avoid bogus retrading tactics? (i.e. trying to muscle the seller into significantly shaving the contracted sale price right before the sale)
[30:06] Tell us about how to do market analytics
[35:45] With the current inflationary environment, what do you see in the multifamily market right now, and what do you see happening over the next 18 months?
[39:38] Do you think the Fed is going too far with raising interest rates?
[43:20] How can people reach you?
[45:14] Closing comments by Eric & Steven
About Our Guest
Today we have with us Beau Beery. He's been in the commercial real estate business in Florida since 1999. He earned a bachelor's degree in marketing and a masters of science degree in real estate from the University of Florida. Beau is a commercial realtor, and he has been consistently ranked as the number one multifamily producer in Florida for Coldwell Banker.
Beau is regularly asked to speak at industry conferences and to private companies. He has a YouTube channel where he guides viewers on how to buy more family assets, how to sell them and how to conduct market analysis.
Amazon: book - Multifamily Investors Who Dominate (