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Ep 9 Todd Jones : Yes!  You Too Can Reduce Your Property Tax Bill!

Todd Jones is an MAI appraiser and President of the Florida Association of Property Tax Professionals.  He helps guide us through the sometimes mysterious ways of how property assessors determine value of your real estate and subsequently, the taxes you pay.  Florida is not an income tax state, so property taxes are critical to funding the operations of local government. It also means, property tax bills are more than likely the single biggest expense a tenant or real estate investor will face on an annual base.  It is not as hard to challenge your assessment as many seem to think. Todd explains how AND gives a bonus discussion on what he believes is the hottest market to invest in the State.

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EP 8 - Some Quick Facts About Flood Insurance Law Changes

The recent changes to insurance rules sent the Florida real estate market into a tizzy.  As soon as the Biggart-Waters laws were passed, there was a public outcry about the changes.  Florida was hit harder than most  states in terms of insurance rate increases and the law threw ice water on a market that was just starting to emerge from one of the worst downturns in history.  But, seemingly, as soon as the law was passed, it went away...or did it?  Chris Coleman of the Coleman Insurance Agency in Dunedin, Florida join us to discuss how the law will affect the market and what investors can expect for the future.   This is a show you will not want to miss as making a mistake on calculating flood insurance for the future could prove to hazardous to your bottomline on your real estate investments.

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EP 7 - Accidental Landlord Turned Serious Investor

Darren Wilson was an accidental investor.  He did not start out to be a serious investor in single family properties, but once he got the taste of it, he didn’t look back.  In the early part of his career, he was in the technology business, but now is an investor full time for himself and Kennedy Investments. Now Darren owns and controls not only single family homes, but also a large office complex, which he purchased as a value added investment.  They are completely upgrading the property known as Lincoln Gardens on Waters Avenue in Tampa.. Learn how he leverages other revenue streams to move in to owning over 40 properties.  

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Ep 6 - Sale-Leaseback from a Seller and Investor Perspective

Sale-Leasebacks can be a win-win situation for Investors and Sellers.  Find out the basics from what type of sellers should consider and what can investors expect and look out for when taking advantage of these opportunities.

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EP5 Dan Pepper - 5 Pitfalls of Conducting Due Diligence on Real Estate

Dan Pepper is a young guy with a lot of experience.  He is a value added real estate investor. While he has invested in many different asset classes, his focus is on multifamily dwellings.  He is going to share with us his 5 biggest pitfalls of conducting reviews of investment properties.  

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